Vegeme Food Review

I’m back for another food review! This time I went to West End with my best friend Maddi and we went to a vegetarian restaurant! We both finally had the same night off together so quickly planned to grab dinner after a bit of shopping.

Neither of us bought anything, but we weren’t disappointed, especially by the food that night.

Read on for my review…

Vegeme has been all over my instagram since they first opened. A fully vegetarian restaurant! As a vegetarian enthusiast (and maybe one day an actual vegetarian!) I had been aching to go. Not many of my friends are too keen on vegetarian foods, except for Maddi!

Maddi is lactose and gluten intolerant, with an allergy to eggs. She was absolutely overwhelmed with the amount of items she could eat on the menu. All items are vegetarian, with some having the choice of being gluten free and vegan.

I decided to eat the ‘vege noodle soup’, which I was really looking forward to! When it came, I absolutely loved the look of it! There were no issues with the meal, I just chose to eat it in the wrong weather. The temperature was 35+ degree celsius and there were no fans or air con! I powered through however, and enjoyed the entire meal. 16832814_936444653158017_1505906236_o

Look how gorgeous this meal looks! It was cooked to absolute perfection, and the flavours were definitely there. It wasn’t too overpowering but just the right amount. I think in winter I’ll enjoy this meal a lot more, as I won’t have sweat gushing down the nape of my neck :/ Sorry for the visual!


Naturally, I ended the night with Doughnut Time, which surprisingly was Maddi’s first time!

So, that was the night I broke Maddi’s Doughnut Time virginity, and we both enjoyed awesome vegetarian meals at Vegeme! If you’ve ever tried this place out or even some place similar, let me know, I’d love to hear about it 🙂

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