Mecca Maxima: Too Faced and Stila

If anyone has ever been into a Mecca Maxima store like I have, they’ve felt overwhelmed with the sheer amount of high quality and beautiful makeup. I’ve been into their Chermside store multiple times, and it was only until a few weeks ago where I’ve actually bought myself makeup!

My love for Mecca Maxima actually began on my 18th birthday, before I had ever been into a store. My cousins had bought me an eyeshadow palette. Late last year I bought myself some eyeliner, and then a few weeks ago I bought 2 more makeup items…

My small collection started nearly 2 years ago, with the Too Faced eyeshadow Palette, ‘Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar’.


As you can see, I’ve used a majority of the colours, and still venturing to try the others. This palette is 100% what dreams are made of, it smells like chocolate, comes with the right shades of colours, for both day and night looks. I had never really enjoyed using eyeshadow before, because I could never blend very well, until I used this! It’s perfect, and the only eyeshadow I currently use 🙂

As for the eyeliner, it’s by Stila, and I am in love with it!


This photo really doesn’t give it justice, my camera wouldn’t focus properly sadly… But, this is the Stila ‘smudge stick waterproof eyeliner’ in the Lionfish shade. Having hooded eyes, I have massive issues trying to keep eyeliner to stay put. I had tried countless products, but every single one of them managed to slide and move up to my upper crease of my eyelid… This is the only product I’ve found so far that stays put! I got it in brown as it’ll be able to be used for both day and night looks. It has a slight shimmer, which my eyes appear a little sparklier than normal

My two most recent purchases are my all time favourites! I had been researching this mascara for ages, and had heard so many amazing things about it. I was glad to hear that it came in a non-waterproof version, as I’m not a fan of waterproof mascara as it can irritate my eyes. The lipstick I had been recommended to a fellow blogger, American Brit!


I’ve worn all 4 of these products together the last 2 weeks, and I’m so in love with how it all looks. The mascara would have to be my absolute favourite product out of all of them.


The product itself looks amazing, and the wand feels fantastic when you’re applying the makeup. The wands handle is heavy, which gives it a really nice feel. The application process is super easy, which I usually apply 3 or even 4 coats on at a time. It’s a natural look, and I got heaps of compliments on my lashes!

When it comes to removing it though, it’s quite tough! Better than Sex mascara is seriously the real deal. I can wear this mascara with no worries of it running, rain or shine, crying or sobbing! I would definitely recommend this mascara to everyone, even if they’re like myself and is only just getting into the whole ‘using makeup’ thing. I’m learning, and these products are actually a great help!

Next up, the lipstick I bought from Stila, is perfect! ‘Stay all Day Matte’ificent’ is an awesome choice!


This lipstick not only looks gorgeous, but it works gorgeously too. I bought the shade ‘Mon Ami’ which is a different colour as what I’m used to. However, matte lipstick is very different to any lipstick I usually use, so I went with it! The colour isn’t as vibrant as it is in the photo, it’s more of a pale pink once I’ve put it on but I’m totally in love with it.

It stays on all day, and there was only one time where I had to reapply it! It was only because someone wanted a photo with me and I was going to be ‘that’ girl… All in all, I’m in love with this lipstick and I really want to buy some more shades!


I’m so in love with these products, and I know that they won’t be the last items I buy from Mecca Maxima, that store definitely hasn’t seen the last of me!

Just wait until Sephora at Chermside opens! My poor bank account.

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