Succulent and Fern Terrarium DIY

Hello again! Welcome back to my weekly post, this time with a bit of DIY greenery! I’ve always been in love with succulents and terrariums and after months of wanting to make my own, I’ve finally had enough time and enthusiasm to do it.

Firstly, I made these in mind of having them hanging in my bedroom which has been stopped my mum, but now they reside in the downstairs bathroom and it brings greenery in the house!! It’s part of my future plan to live in a cosy unit full of little plants such as ferns and succulents, so these guys will definitely be coming with me when I eventually move out!

To start off, I went to Bunnings and grabbed 3 ferns and 3 succulents. I only used 2 of each, one in each terrarium but I’m planning something for the leftovers! I bought the terrariums for about $20 at Spotlight, and I used some cactus soil I had leftover from past succulent and cacti planting.


I chose 2 different sizes, so that it wouldn’t be too ‘same-same’ and they look quite good when hanging next to each other.


First step is to honestly chuck some dirt into it. Not too much is needed, as you don’t want it to spill out the hole. OBVIOUSLY. I kept the soil dry during the process until I had put the plants in.

How cute are these plants! They’re super tiny, perfect for the terrariums.

I was so happy once they were in their new homes, and after watering them in, they have survived for nearly 2 weeks now! If I can keep these plants alive, trust me when I say that anyone can.


Here’s a photo of my little babies from this morning, as proof of their still being alive. I’m super proud of how cute they are! Make me a little bit more excited about moving out and taking these guys with me to start of my green collection.

That’s it for now! I’ll be returning next week of course 🙂

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