20th Birthday at Noosa

Hello guys!

I’m back, this time I’m slightly older – I turned 20! Due to my newfound ‘maturity’ (what a joke) I had to have a break off social media for a while, just to help de-stress. I’m 100% back at it, and I have planned out the rest of May for my blog! Here’s to a more mature social media, which will be meticulously planned 🙂

For my 20th birthday, I went shopping by myself at Brisbane DFO, which I will hopefully be doing a blog post about later this month or some time in June (oops). But the day after I turned 20, my best friend and I had an awesome day up in the Sunshine Coast!

We started off the day by going to our usual breakfast place, Elixir at Stafford. Naturally, I had avocado on toast and latte. BUT GUYS I’ve finally stopped adding a shot of vanilla into my lattes! Could this possibly be the first step to adulthood?? Probably not, but it makes me feel slightly more mature without asking for vanilla.

From here, we hurried off to a little town near Noosa, called Pomona. There’s a mountain I’ve climbed a few times before that we were going to climb; Mount Cooroora. This was Maddi’s first time climbing the mountain. We didn’t fully make it to the top as there is a super steep part where you literally have to mountain climb up a wall of rocks. Since Maddi has recently had an accident with her elbow, we didn’t want to risk her hurting herself. We got as far to the top as we could, and still had a fantastic view.

The view was fantastic! And would you look at that, a photo of me? On my blog? It’s rare, I’m working on it though!

Eventually we made our way down, pretty much laughing at how much easier it was going down than it was climbing up. We were pretty knackered from the climbing and by the time we got to the car we were both starving!!


Do our faces scream out ‘holy moly we are going to feel sore tomorrow but currently it’s our stomachs that hurt!’? Because holy damn we needed food.

We drove to Noosa for lunch, and went to a super fantastic restaurant, ‘Zachary’s Gourmet Pizza Bar’, which I would definitely recommend! They had a great menu with plenty of pizza options, with snacks, salads, and pasta options for those who aren’t too keen on pizza or are after a gluten free option (Maddi had nachos!). I went with the ‘Main Beach’ pizza which was SO SO GOOD.

The pizza has roasted avocado, bacon, roma tomatoes, sweet chilli and yoghurt with a barbecue base. The pizza was so good, it melted in my mouth with every bite. To be honest, I couldn’t actually finish the pizza, but I would happily eat it for lunch every single day and not get sick of it.

This was the best day I’ve had in so long, the three days I had off from work for my birthday were incredible! Definitely doing this for myself next year.

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