Let Minnow Cafe ~ New Menu!

Hello my lovelies!! I’m back with another post about my favourite cafe at the moment – Let Minnow! Located in between my house and my work, I fall in love with it more every time I go, which is a fair amount! They’ve changed their menu recently for the change of seasons, and I was pleasantly surprised with what I ordered!IMG_0136

I’ve been twice recently since they’ve redone their new menu, and as per always, Let Minnow caters not only foods that I enjoy, but food that both my brother and my mum enjoy too.

Firstly, the meal I had the first time around was the ‘Not so Mush-room Rösti’, which sadly the pun was lost on me the first time… BUT the second time around, mum ordered the same thing and I got it finally! (bless my soul, I promise I’m not usually as derpy) The meal is super tasty, I’m a huge fan of rösti so this was an obvious choice! I decided to take a break from my usual avocado on toast, and was pleasantly surprised.

Mine was on the left, with my mums on the right. Don’t worry, these were different days, so we didn’t eat the same things together! It’s great to see the consistency between both meals, and to see that we both greatly enjoyed the meal.

You’ll probably notice that my mum’s phone is lit up next to her plate – whenever we go out for literally ANYTHING we take photos for our blogs, it’s kind of cute.


Lachlan of course got their nachos, which he devoured, but he somehow couldn’t finish? For anyone that’s met the kid, he’s always eating and always hungry when he’s not eating. Let Minnow has really great sized meals. The other time, he got a jaffle which I completely forgot to take of photo of! But he had actually eaten a fair amount of it already before I managed to even attempt to photograph it.

My second meal was similar to my usual, but with a twist! Smashed avocado on sourdough, but with tomato on top and marinated tofu! Let Minnow, you had me at marinated tofu, I love you. As much as I loved this dish, there was one HUGE FLAW. Not really that huge of a flaw BUT the tomato. They’re sliced, and it’s not like they’re tiny. For a tiny mouthed person for myself this was just too infuriating and I had to take off the tomato to actually eat the meal. But then because I took it off, it was part of the actual meal so I felt so frustrated with it.

First world problems, am I right?

Last but not least, the coffee!! I’ve begun having lattes without the vanilla syrup in them, and I feel so much more mature because of it. Let Minnow always has great coffee, I’ve never been disappointed with their food, coffee, service, or even music.

Another cafe blog post! I plan next semester at uni to try some cafes in the Southern suburbs of Brisbane, just to explore a little!

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