Artie & Mai

Hey amigos I’m back with another foodie blog post! This time me and a fellow lover of food and coffee ventured to Artie & Mai in Albion, which is well known for their cafes and bars. Even on a Thursday around 11am, it was full of customers. Do any of these people have jobs to go to? As my first cafe in Albion I definitely wasn’t disappointed.

Also pointers to Maddi for introducing me to this cafe!

IMG_1431We were firstly greeted happily by a very attentive barista who happily asked us if we were after any beverages as soon as we sat down. The vibe of the place was very industrial chic with a touch of Melbourne style cafe life to it. The cafe is perfect for those Instagrammable pictures, with bare brick walls, and even the tables were the perfect backdrop for food and coffee photos.

I got a large latte and Yaani got a large cappuccino before we chose our meals. The menu has the perfect amount of items, without being too limiting when it comes to choices. I ordered from the lunch menu; a duck ragu with fettuccine and parmesan, and Yaani ordered from the all day breakfast menu; Spring onion & feta hash cakes with tomato relish and a poached egg. The waiters were very IMG_1433quick on taking our orders, we even had to ask for more time to choose our meals a few times. Our meals arrived quickly, and looked amazing!

The wait staff were overly friendly, cleaned up our plates away from the table once we were finished and genuinely seemed happy to be working there.

As for our food, my duck ragu was super tasty, with the meat pulled and evenly deposited throughout the meal. There was heaps of flavour in the sauce with some fresh rocket on top. My latte was quite nice but sadly I wasn’t able to finish the entire cup as it got cold quickly… (I’m a bit of a slow coffee drinker apparently) Would’ve been able to have kept it warmer for longer if it was in a mug and not a glass?



Yaani’s cappuccino was nice, however he said that it was thin but still had a good flavour to it. His meal looked great on the black plate (which he was quite excited about). The hash cakes were a bit cold in the middle, but the meal all round tasted really good.

Both of us agree that we would definitely go back to Artie & Mai if not for the coffee, but for the food and the atmosphere of the cafe.

See you next post!

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