Melodrama Lorde ~ Album Review

Hello again! I’m back with a music review – a first of many no doubt. I’ve changed the post layout of my blog (once again. Sorry), but this time I’ve made it so that it’s something a little bit easier for myself to attain.

This Media Monday we have a review on Lordes new album ‘Melodrama’ and I’m in LOVE. When I first heard Green Light, I was instantly excited for her new stuff. She kept us waiting for far too long and I couldn’t wait to see how she had grown within her music and to see how she had grown as a person, which she has shown through her lyrics of this album.

As much as I would love to discuss her entire album, I’m going to talk about my top 5 from Melodrama. Unknown

Green Light

This song is so strong and powerful, and even though the song itself sounds quite happy and cheerful (towards the chorus), I love how intense and honest the lyrics are in the song. Lorde has said this song is about her first real big heart break and that even though she wasn’t used to writing about this, she found the song writing really helped her and when she listens back to this song and the entire album, she’s proud of how much she has changed since her first album and how her music reflects this. All in all, this song is fantastic and I blared this song out for the first week after it was released.

The Louvre

I feel like this is a love song, but is saying that it’s a somewhat doomed romance. I love how fantastically raw this song is, with of course my favourite line being ‘broadcast the boom boom boom boom and make them all dance to it’. I can’t entirely say too much about this song other than I absolutely love it.


Liability makes every hair on my body stand up. The lyrics are so deep and melancholy, her voice sounding so small and sweet with a hint of strength still there. I had to listen to this song a few times just to get my head 100% wrapped around the meaning of the lyrics and to my understanding (which may be quite wrong), is that the girl she’s talking about that she loves is herself, hence why if a stranger sees, its just her stroking her cheek. I feel as though this song is about how people always eventually leave, and how she’s better by herself. I guess this songs hits quite hard for me as I do sometimes get the feeling that people get sick of me after all my antics get old and boring after a while. (Depression and anxiety, thanks for those feelings).

Writer in the Dark

HELL YES THIS SONG IS RELATABLE AF. My stupid ass ex (sorry but let’s be real) never understood my writing, especially my blogging. He thought it was a waste of time. I literally had a document where I wrote letters to him and myself once we ended (which I told him about and he straight up told me it was stupid). Well let’s just say that he cheated on me and bloody hell those letters damn helped me. ‘Bet you rue the day you kissed a writer in the dark’ is so powerful and I could quite honestly see myself back in those days screaming out the lyrics to this song if it was around! Lorde, who put you through this heartbreak 😥

Perfect Places

This song is so incredible about trying to find out who the hell you are as a teenager and struggling to find your footing, to find that ‘perfect place’ that you’re meant to be, whilst trying to fit in. ‘What the f**k are perfect places anyway’, rips a bit of a hole in my heart because let’s be real, wherever I go when I’m travelling, none of these places are perfect but they can be perfect just to you in that moment. This song is so straight forward and honest about the growing up of a teenager who’s just pleading for a place to find themselves in.

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