San Cisco Concert

Hello guys!

Today’s post was meant to go up last night, but I was having some issues… I just really wanted sleep sorry! Anyways, as part of my new rejuvenation of my blog, Monday’s posts will be ‘Media Monday’s’. By this I mean anything from my own photography, music, books, art, blah blah blah. Anything like that, I’ll be writing about and posting on Monday’s!

Tonights post is about San Cisco, one of my all time favourite bands. Their music is happy, poppy and with cute text like lyrics. This was the third concert of theirs I’ve been to, and this time I wasn’t going just with my brother but I was dragging my best friend Maddi and my boy Yaani along with me! Maddi had never before been to a gig like this, but she seemed to thoroughly enjoy the experience.

San Cisco (1 of 1)

Here’s San Cisco! With Boat Show and Thelma Plum supporting them, I was rather keen for the line up. Their new album ‘The Water’ was perfect listening to the album so I spent from the moment it was released just LIVING to hear them play it live. Past concerts I’ve seen San Cisco play, the vibe has always been so happy and lovely and this time was no different. Bless them for being such a fantastic band. All in all, I already really can’t wait until they release another album!

After the concert, we went out clubbing (of course), since were nearby Fortitude Valley. Let’s just say that in the group photo, my brother and I were at that stage pretty out of it. Retro’s is probably the most fun club I’ve ever been to, which makes it very easy to keep drinking! Lachlan my brother of course bought a fish bowl and was extra happy with how big it was. Talk about white girl wasted~

Super excited for my new blogging motivation! Everything is working out this time, and I’m hoping it continues!

Love ya! xx

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