Uni Look Book

Hey hey hey! Anyone else starting to freak out about university? Well, I go to Griffith uni, and since they’ve started doing trimesters instead of semesters, I start my second semester next Tuesday! Am I stressed? Hell yeah I am, I’m doing a maths intensive unit this semester and I’m already studying for it 😦

But, of course the one thing I am always excited about when I go back to uni is what I wear. I like to try keep my outfits looking good, even once I’ve pretty much lost all motivation for everything (usually into the 8th week of the trimester). This trimester goes from July to September so it’s still winter but it’ll slowly get warmer. My uni is never the same temperature throughout the day, it’s a bit like Melbourne, meaning I have to layer.

For this trimester, I’ll be sporting my new(ish) denim Jacket from Just Jeans, which is why it’s part of both of the outfits you’ll be seeing today 🙂

Outfit One – Night Classes

Uni Tri 2 (1 of 1)

This is just my typical look for the days at uni where I only have my night classes to go to, with a heap of coffee and very relaxed yet great looking and comfortable pants. Like always, all of these items were bought on sale, and I love them!

Uni Tri 2 (5 of 1)Firstly, a small face close up, I wear my makeup like this most days for uni as it’s still subtle but it hides the redness of my skin. Of course I’m going to apologise for the horrible state of my skin! It’s the greatest time of the month, and of course when I want to take photos, it breaks out!

And of course a close up of my earrings! These are super cute Uni Tri 2 (3 of 1)and I adore them so much! The one’s in my first’s were a gift from my best friend, Maddi and I really doubt I’ll ever take them out to be honest. The second’s are part of a set of earrings I bought when I was in Japan, and I love how subtle and adorable they are!

Uni Tri 2 (4 of 1)

The components of the outfit are relatively simple. A grey cropped t-shirt from Cotton On, navy Ponte pants from Glassons, and my jacket from Just Jeans. This is my all time favourite outfit for whenever I’m having a late night at uni or even doing a heap of errands for the day but still wanting to look good throughout the day. Uni Tri 2 (2 of 1)


These boots are awesome! I bought them from Harris Scarfe some time last year, and they’re Vera Wang. These shoes would have to be the comfiest boots I’ve ever owned, and I could wear them all day for over a week! I wore these 3 days straight walking around Melbourne and only got sore feet when I got home. These boots are the best!

Outfit Two – Day Classes

This would have to be my favourite outfit of the two. This skirt I bought in Melbourne Uni Tri 2 (8 of 1)from Forever New, and I love it! It’s blue, layered and has scalloped edges! I bought it for $30, and I’m so glad I in the end decided to buy it. I paired it with the denim jacket and black singlet both from Just Jeans, and kept the same boots on. As a cute little addition, I wore with my boots my socks from Japan. How cute are they!

Even though I’m super nervous about going back to uni and studying Data Analysis, I’m kind of keen to go back! Of course, I’m kind of happy with how this post turned out! I’ve never done one of these before and I’ve really enjoyed it! Look forward to more of them when my photographer finally returns from overseas.





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