Melbourne Van Gogh Exhibition

Hey guys! This Monday I’m going to share with you all my awesome and utterly jaw dropping experience at the Van Gogh Exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria.

Van Gogh has been one of my favourite painters for as long as I can remember. Not only am I a fan of his work, but I find his own personal story quite interesting and somewhat relatable. This exhibition discussed his works in the view of seasons, and it was very honestly the best way they could’ve shown his work.

As someone who has depression, winter is one of the hardest seasons to go through. It’s cold, gloomy, dark and just overall unpleasant. Van Gogh shows this through his own paintings and in fact in turn killed himself in that season. His work is so incredibly detailed and I’ve always enjoyed that his work looks like it’s moving.

So here’s a few photos from the exhibition!


This was pretty much when I first started hyperventilating and it first sunk in that I was going to see some of Van Gogh’s art!!


Couldn’t go past this without taking a photo, all of his quotes are so beautiful and this one just really hit home.


Look at his meticulous detail!


This caused my biggest fangirl moment, it was just so fantastic being able to see not only his works but some of them were actually signed.


This was mums fangirl moment, she absolutely loves this painting.




So I stood in front of this painting for about 20 minutes because this would have to be my favourite painting of his. The sky, the trees, the wheat, everything just makes me love it.


I wasn’t expecting this one! I straight away ran back to find mum and dad to bring them to this one because holy moly.


This could quite possibly be my new life motto, it’s so perfect.


Naturally I wanted to buy a few things from the exhibition so I bought both the tote bag ($10) and the print ($20) of the same painting! It’s my all time favourite so there was no way I could say no.

Of course I have heaps more to share about Melbourne so look out for more posts about it over the next few weeks!

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