Melbourne Van Gogh Exhibition

Hey guys! This Monday I’m going to share with you all my awesome and utterly jaw dropping experience at the Van Gogh Exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria.

Van Gogh has been one of my favourite painters for as long as I can remember. Not only am I a fan of his work, but I find his own personal story quite interesting and somewhat relatable. This exhibition discussed his works in the view of seasons, and it was very honestly the best way they could’ve shown his work.

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Uni Look Book

Hey hey hey! Anyone else starting to freak out about university? Well, I go to Griffith uni, and since they’ve started doing trimesters instead of semesters, I start my second semester next Tuesday! Am I stressed? Hell yeah I am, I’m doing a maths intensive unit this semester and I’m already studying for it 😦

But, of course the one thing I am always excited about when I go back to uni is what I wear. I like to try keep my outfits looking good, even once I’ve pretty much lost all motivation for everything (usually into the 8th week of the trimester). This trimester goes from July to September so it’s still winter but it’ll slowly get warmer. My uni is never the same temperature throughout the day, it’s a bit like Melbourne, meaning I have to layer.

For this trimester, I’ll be sporting my new(ish) denim Jacket from Just Jeans, which is why it’s part of both of the outfits you’ll be seeing today πŸ™‚

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San Cisco Concert

Hello guys!

Today’s post was meant to go up last night, but I was having some issues… I just really wanted sleep sorry! Anyways, as part of my new rejuvenation of my blog, Monday’s posts will be ‘Media Monday’s’. By this I mean anything from my own photography, music, books, art, blah blah blah. Anything like that, I’ll be writing about and posting on Monday’s!

Tonights post is about San Cisco, one of my all time favourite bands. Their music is happy, poppy and with cute text like lyrics. This was the third concert of theirs I’ve been to, and this time I wasn’t going just with my brother but I was dragging my best friend Maddi and my boy Yaani along with me! Maddi had never before been to a gig like this, but she seemed to thoroughly enjoy the experience.

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Melodrama Lorde ~ Album Review

Hello again! I’m back with a music review – a first of many no doubt. I’ve changed the post layout of my blog (once again. Sorry), but this time I’ve made it so that it’s something a little bit easier for myself to attain.

This Media Monday we have a review on Lordes new album ‘Melodrama’ and I’m in LOVE. When I first heard Green Light, I was instantly excited for her new stuff. She kept us waiting for far too long and I couldn’t wait to see how she had grown within her music and to see how she had grown as a person, which she has shown through her lyrics of this album.

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Artie & Mai

Hey amigos I’m back with another foodie blog post! This time me and a fellow lover of food and coffee ventured to Artie & Mai in Albion, which is well known for their cafes and bars. Even on a Thursday around 11am, it was full of customers. Do any of these people have jobs to go to? As my first cafe in Albion I definitely wasn’t disappointed.

Also pointers to MaddiΒ for introducing me to this cafe!

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Let Minnow Cafe ~ New Menu!

Hello my lovelies!! I’m back with another post about my favourite cafe at the moment – Let Minnow! Located in between my house and my work, I fall in love with it more every time I go, which is a fair amount! They’ve changed their menu recently for the change of seasons, and I was pleasantly surprised with what I ordered!IMG_0136

I’ve been twice recently since they’ve redone their new menu, and as per always, Let Minnow caters not only foods that I enjoy, but food that both my brother and my mum enjoy too.

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20th Birthday at Noosa

Hello guys!

I’m back, this time I’m slightly older – I turned 20! Due to my newfound ‘maturity’ (what a joke) I had to have a break off social media for a while, just to help de-stress. I’m 100% back at it, and I have planned out the rest of May for my blog! Here’s to a more mature social media, which will be meticulously planned πŸ™‚

For my 20th birthday, I went shopping by myself at Brisbane DFO, which I will hopefully be doing a blog post about later this month or some time in June (oops). But the day after I turned 20, my best friend and I had an awesome day up in the Sunshine Coast!

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