Many of the products I discuss on this blog have been bought with my own money. Currently, I’m not working with any PR companies or brands, but as soon as I do, I will be ensuring those posts have a disclosure at the end of the blog post – ‘Post contains PR samples or gifted items’. This means that the items have been given to me by a PR company or a brand, to feature or review.

Any item on my blog will be discussed in an honest manner, even if I have paid for the item or it’s a PR sample, or gifted item.

I will only feature a PR sample or gifted item if it’s something I truly believe is a quality item that I would happily use.

Whereas I’d be very grateful for any PR sample, it is not guaranteed a feature on my blog, mattering on my truthful opinion of the item.


To ensure that I have enough time to properly test each item, I have a 7-14 day turnaround before a post is written, as to have an accurate and honest post, and to keep my blogging content quality high.

Any sponsored blog post will have a statement at the end of the blogpost to inform the readers of the nature of the post. These posts will be written myself.



I am a huge fan of reading any comments on my blog and I respond to all of them, as it is a fantastic way to interact with my readers. I moderate each comment, and any comment promoting giveaways will be edited, with any negative comments being removed immediately.

Images & Content

All content and images on ‘Bliss She Wrote’ are under copyright of myself and the use of any images or content is highly forbidden without my prior consent.



If you have any questions in reference to the information above, do not hesitate to email me at blissshewrote@gmail.com